About us

Limbo Republik is an Illustration, Animation, and Art studio funded by Fernando Rossia and located in Freiburg, Germany.

We offer comprehensive development of Artwork, Illustration, and 2D Animation. Our work relays on a solid base of classical art and every production is carefully constructed using a wide range of technics ranging from traditional canvas painting to high definition digital animation.

Limbo Republik prides itself on living with differences, enhancing and exploring new languages.

About the funder Fernando Rossia:

Fernando studied in Argentina, at the University of Fine Arts in Rosario. He started his career in traditional art painting on canvas with acrylic and oil. During this early times developed his personal style and skills. In a second stage worked in the art department of several movie, video and television productions. His short animated films have been exhibited in open air television and the Latin American Festival of TV and Cinema.  His work is part of galleries, museums’ permanent exhibition, and private collections around the world, including countries such as Argentina, Spain, France, China, and the U.S.A.




Upcoming Projects